warosoku(japanese candle)【large】―Fujin Raijin design―red

warosoku(japanese candle)【large】―Fujin Raijin design―red -
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warosoku product details


・Pattern: Fujin Raijin (Wind God and Thunder God)

・Height: 25 cm ・Weight: 100 monme (1 monme=3.75g)

・Burn time: Approximately 9 hours

・warosoku hand-made by professional artisans

・Made in Kyoto, Japan

*All warosoku are hand-made. The actual product may slightly differ from the shown image.

*warosoku is a fragile item. *This warosoku has a thick wick; please keep in mind that flame tends to get big. Place warosoku straight on an incombustible candle stand which fits the candle to light it.

warosoku product details

It is a powerful gem; a big warosoku the size of 100 monme with the Fujin Raijin image hand-painted by a Kyoto painter. Use this warosoku as a Japanese interior decoration, or as a gift for those whom you are grateful for. It is made of mokurou (vegetable wax), traditional Japanese ingredient for warosokuAll ingredients of warosoku are plant-based.  

Mokurou (vegetable wax) is…Wax in a broad sense, made of fat with high melting points extracted from steamed fruits or nuts of a wax tree or a sumac tree, species of Rhus succedanea. This warosoku is sold individually. This is “anchor-shaped” warosoku.

About warosoku pattern

The pattern depicted on this warosoku is Wind God and Thunder God called “Fujin Raijin”. They are deification of strong wind and thunderclap, two of the most familiar and representative of all natural phenomena which show power so great that human beings would be afraid of.     

Fujin (Wind God)Fujin is “God who controls wind” which is also called “Fuhaku”. Storms such as typhoons damage crops to a great extent, and to calm these storms, people started to worship Wind God. It has been also used as a name of a spirit or a monster as well.  

Raijin (Thunder God)Raijin is “God who controls thunder” which is also referred to as “Kaminari sama (Mr. Thunder), “Raiden sama (Mr. Thunerbolt)”, “Raikou (Duke Thunder)” or “Narukami (the Rolling God)”. Why not choose this warosoku with the powerful image of Fujin Raijin as an interior decoration or a gift?☺


Price US $800.0
Free shipping.