warosoku(japanese candle) 【small】―wishing candle―4 pieces set

warosoku(japanese candle) 【small】―wishing candle―4 pieces set -
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■Wa rousoku (Japanese candle) product details

・Color: Gold ・Patterns: “Prevention of senility”, “business success”, “school success” and “well-being of family” ・Height: 11.5㎝ ・Weight: 4 mon me (1 mon me=3.75g) ・Burn time: Approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes Wa rousoku hand-made by a professional artisan ・Made in Kyoto, Japan *All wa rousoku are hand-made. The actual product may slightly differ from the photo. *Wa rousoku is a fragile item.

■About wa rousoku patterns

Letters written on wa rousoku are Japanese prayers dedicated to shrines and Buddhas. Below are the letters written on wa rousoku. Prevention of senility”…Praying for longevity without senility. Our memory does deteriorate as we get older, but we all definitely wish we could remember things well for as long as possible. This is wa rousoku with letters of a prayer for prevention of senility. Business success”…Praying for business success and great prosperity. Praying for luck with money. For those who wish to spend their life without money trouble. Why not decorate this wa rousoku in your room wishing for the fortune to come your way? Well-being of family”…Praying for safety of family, for family members to be protected from trouble and sickness. It wishes for all family members to spend a whole year without any trouble, and being healthy and well physically and mentally. This is a prayer which every one of us wishes for from the bottom of our hearts. It could be said that well-being of family is the platform for happiness. School success”…Praying for school success and passing exams. No matter how hard we study, there are times when we are still anxious how exams would turn out, right? In that case, let’s make a wish to gods. There exist various shrines and temples in Japan dedicated to deities who make each prayer written above come true, and are regarded as a sacred place. Wishes and power are contained in these wa rousoku.

■About the color of this wa rousoku

Gold is the symbol for luxury and prosperity. It has a strong presence and looks very special. The color of gold has psychological effects on people to “make them feel special”, “make them feel luxurious”, “make them feel they are rich”, “satisfy their desires”, “make them feel confident” and “make them motivated”.     Why not place a gold wa rousoku in your room to pray? Your room will no doubt look gorgeous.

・Wa rousoku to decorate and enjoy

The use and purpose of wa rousoku are very different from those of a Western candle too. In general, Western candles are used as a light; on the other hand, wa rousoku are not only used as a light but also as an offering or a present. E rousoku (candle with picture) is a type of wa rousoku. One does not light e rousoku but decorate instead of flowers or furniture. It is one of charms of wa rousoku to be cherished and loved.   


Price US $128.00→$100.00
Free shipping.