Your favorite kanji character1【Japanese calligraphy】

Your favorite kanji character1【Japanese calligraphy】 -
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【Characteristics of Japanese calligraphy art】

It is one-and-only in the world. Each letter written by a brush is different and never looks the same.

We write your favorite kanji character on a small hand-sized message board.

(On the photo, the letter “忍 (shinobu, or ‘to endure’)” is written on a message board.)

→There are normal kanji calligraphy types available.

It comes with the base so it can be decorated as soon as you open the package.

→Creator: Calligrapher Profile

【Size and information】

Size of a message board: 7.5cm × 7.5cm

Size of a base: 5cm × 25.5cm × 3cm

【Calligraphy art use】



As a gift for your beloved family member, friend, or for yourself.

We write your favorite kanji character in a cute, cool and stylish way.

Let us know the kanji which signifies your name or the word you wish to send as a gift, or to decorate on your wall.

The creator writes the letter the way which suits the word.


◎As an anniversary gift

・As a birthday gift…

・As a wedding gif…

・As a baby shower gift…

・As a housewarming gift…

・As a retirement or a promotion gift…

・As a gift celebrating the opening of a store or a company…

・To express gratitude…

【About made-to-order artwork】

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Let us know your favorite kanji character which you wish us to write with a brush. (If you don’t know kanji, let us know the word you wish to be written. We will let you know the kanji which describes the word you chose. After checking the kanji, proceed to checkout.)

Example: “I want the kanji which signifies “LOVE” to be written on a message board.” > The kanji for “love” is “愛”.

A few kanji characters can be combined on the same-sized message board.



【Calligraphy art Production】

Price US $90 contactus
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