Yuzen Kimono representing view of the imperial court with clouds background

Yuzen Kimono representing view of the imperial court with clouds background - 片寄せ雲取御所解慶長
What makes this traditional kimono more beautiful than any other kimono, is the color of this fabric; light purple. Purple has always been the most noble color since ancient days in Japan. We call this color of the noble purple in a lighter shade “fuji iro”, from the flower of fuji (wisteria). Fuji iro is one of the most popular colors for traditional Japanese kimono; it can make a wearer look calm by its light tone, while maintaining the nobleness and the elegance of purple.
Someone wearing the traditional kimono in this light purple embodies the Japanese beauty itself, envied by all.
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Information of the item

This Kimono represents “Heian Period “from 794 to1185. At that time, Kyoto was designated as Imperial Capital of Japan. Heian period is known as one of the bright period in Japanese history. This Kimono represents view of the imperial court. On its background, we painted piling clouds on one side.

Kimono patterns

Kumotori patterns The pattern in the background is the cloud pattern used on many traditional kimono, called “kumotori”. The cloud depicted in vivid detail by the artisan exemplifies the real luxury from the background of kimono. The background with kumotori on the light purple textile makes this kimono exquisitely beautiful. Goshodoki pattern Goshodoki pattern is one of the traditional kimono patterns which were popular from the mid to the end of the Edo period in Japan. It refers to the pattern of things include kimono used by court nobles, such as goshoguruma (court carriage), kicho (screen), kanmuri (crown), ougi (fan) and kyuden no roukaku (the Imperial Palace).

Takara zukushi

One of the auspicious patterns called “kissho monyo”. This pattern is created with gorgeous cream-of-the-cream jewels from the Imperial Court. Takara zukushi pattern looks great on traditional kimono, and can be worn any time of the year; you can wear it to any party. This kimono is especially recommended for auspicious events, such as a wedding ceremony. Uchideno no kozuchi  A magic gavel said to make wishes come true. Kakuremino This has a meaning that a wearer can protect her/himself from danger, for you can disappear when wearing kakuremino (cloak of invisibility). Makimono It signifies wisdom and knowledge. In Japan, it is a treasure never allowed to be taken out of the house. Shippo It is the pattern to signify “treasures all around the world” traditionally in Japan. Choji Clove, the spice brought to Japan from Indonesia. In Japan, it was used as a medicine such as a painkiller. This pattern has a meaning of longevity and good health. Bundo A tool used to weigh gold. It is depicted on traditional kimono as a sign of prosperity. Takarabukuro A bag to put jewels in. This is depicted on traditional kimono as a motif of prosperity.


kimono detail

Size We can tailor  this Kimono to fit your body figure after the order.
Material pure silk 100%
Recommended season September to February
Recommended occasions wedding party, celebration party, etc..

Price US $10,800
Free shipping. Please contact us if you would like to purchase this item.