Yuzen Kimono representing Japanese traditional spring feast in Heian Period

Yuzen Kimono representing Japanese traditional spring feast in Heian Period - 春宴花の舞

Information of the item

"Heian Period" from 794 to 1185 is the time when Kyoto was designated as the Imperial Capital of Japan and known as one of the bright periods in Japanese history. This kimono represents the spring feast (like a seasonal party) at the court in the Heian Period. We expressed the elegance and luxuriance of the feast by using light colors.

traditional kimono

This traditional kimono created by Hiroshi Fujii, the top-class kimono designer, embodies the spring feast at the Imperial Court in the Heian period.
The gold fabric decorated elegantly and luxuriously is the perfect color for this gorgeous feast. No doubt this gorgeous and traditional kimono draws a line from other kimono and will make you stand out at a party where you are the star or the heroine.
The combination of the Imperial Court at the Heian period, the world of Japanese elegance and the spring feast which is a celebratory event, makes this kimono the top-class work of art. This kimono, made of gold fabric, will be second to none when comparing to any dress, and will definitely be something you treasure.
And these numerous flowers along with a beautiful scenery; it is like one can almost smell the fragrance. This is a product we recommend with confidence as a Japanese traditional kimono.
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Cherry blossom

Cherry tree is said to be where the deity of rice fields and harvests resides, and it signifies “good harvest of crops”.

The brilliant beauty of cherry blossom and the way it falls at once have a strong connection to the Japanese sense of beauty, and various cherry blossom patterns were created as well as depicted on kimono. Although cherry blossom is of spring, it can be worn any time of the year, for it is also the national flower of Japan. It is very conveniently designed.   

Other than that, the cherry blossom pattern is said to signify “the beginning of things”, because it “blossoms in spring”; truly auspicious.

It will be all the more valuable to wear this kimono for an entrance ceremony, the beginning of a new life, and it will be a lifetime memory.


Chrysanthemum is a traditional pattern to be used for Japanese kimono extremely often. For its shape which looks like the sun, it has been worshipped as “the spirit of the sun”.

It is a beautiful flower which is said to have the power to protect one from evil and to purify, and which the Japanese people have long admired.
Also, it is positioned as a noble flower and used also as a symbol of the Imperial Family.
This is an auspicious pattern filled with the wish for longevity, from the saying that if one drinks “chrysanthemum water”, with chrysanthemum steeped in water, he/she will live long. This pattern on Japanese
kimono has been truly and traditionally valued. Chrysanthemums in various colors on the gold background make this kimono look even more beautiful.

Chrysanthemum is a popular pattern to be worn throughout the year regardless of the season, and this kimono is of no exception.    


Hydrangea traditionally has many beautiful meanings in the language of flowers.
The most popular one would be “patient love”, since it endures the long rainy season in Japan to blossom beautifully.
Also, for many little petals gather to form one beautiful flower, it makes us imagine a loving family. For that, it has a meaning “family reunion”.

The chic look of hydrangea is uniquely Japanese and gives a noble and mature impression. It is traditionally extremely popular as a kimono pattern too.

Kimono detail

kimono detail

Size We can tailor  this Kimono to fit your body figure after the order.
Material pure silk 100%
Recommended season spring
Recommended occasions wedding party, celebration party, anniversary ceremony, etc..

Price US $18,000
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