Clutch Bag

Japanese clutch bag with details created by the artisan

Have you ever seen a clutch bag luxuriously made with the technique of Kyo yuzen, which is used for the top-quality kimono?

At Japanese kimono online shop, we sell gorgeous Japanese clutch bags as well, which match traditional kimono. A uniquely Japanese clutch bag with a retro yet modern design, hand-dyed with care by the artisan, will brighten your look with its beauty which cannot be found anywhere else.

This Japanese clutch bag looks great with kimono of course; and it goes well with Western clothes such as a pair of jeans or a skirt, too. It is easy to create a cute, unique and Japanese-Western mix look which elevates your ordinary style. This clutch bag is the product we recommend for making your everyday more fun, when you get bored of the usual patterns.

You will find this supreme clutch bag, made with the traditional Japanese technique as well as the materials, very useful; you can take it to any party such as a wedding banquet, a ceremony, a home party and such.

It is very convenient when you have a lot of baggage or you are at a stand-up dinner party, for you can put a chain on it and make it a shoulder bag.