Hand fan

The top-quality Kyo sensu (Kyoto fan) decorated with sparkling gold leaf

Kindami (literally translates to gold decoration) refers to the technique to decorate a kimono or a handiwork with gold leaf or gold powder.

We provide fans created with a technique by the kindami sensu (fan) artist, Yasuto Yonehara. Gold and silver leaf decorated on fans, using various techniques, which are made by artisans in Kyoto, show the texture and the brilliance which cannot be created by printing. Since fans are decorated with gold leaf, every time it is used to create an airflow, the color changes according to the angle of light, and gives various impressions.

A fan’s purpose is not only to create an airflow to make it cooler. It can be used for a dance, as a fashion, and as an interior decoration in the room. Kindami sensu in Kyoto, all hand-made by an artisan with the utmost care. Do pick it up with your hands, watch it shine in a way that printing cannot reproduce.