Kyo-Yuzen Kimonos

<What is “Kyo-Yuzen”?>

Kyoto hand-drawn Yuzen (Kyo-Yuzen) is a one of the dying techniques of making high class Kimono representing Japan.

The technique of Kyo-Yuzen was developed from the skill of Mr. Yuzensai Miyazaki, a professional artist making Japanese fan( Ougi) in the mid 1600’s, and was spread into all around Kyoto, the central of Japan at the time.

<Elegant and Gorgeous design of Kyo-Yuzen>

Kyo-Yuzen kimono’s motifs feature themes such as seasonal birds, trees, and flowers, using designs similar in style to those in traditional Japanese painting.Kyo-Yuzen tend to be used soft colors, and it is elegant paying attention to coloration. And, it is decorated with gorgeous gold glazing and embroidery.Luxurious things had been favored in Kyoto, because Kyoto is the place where court nobles used to live.