The relationship between Japanese ninja and kimono

Are there any Kimonos of a Ninja?

Ninja clothes have been used for a variety of purposes.They usually cheese the Ninja clothes with color based on black and brown to avoid sticking out in dark places. Because they are basically spies, they needed to change colors and tastes of clothes according to surroundings.


Inside the cloth, there are a lot of pockets to contain thick hand towels, the mirror made of cooper and stick Japanese memo papers that could use for the protection from sudden attacks by foes.


Ninjas were too busy to change their clothes

Ninjas needed to be disguised other than black or brawn typical clothes when they go off for information gathering. As we could imagine, obviously Ninjas had to accomplish the missions in many kinds of situations. Therefore, at the same time as Ninjas had tried to arrange their outfits and appearances, they copied features of objects to spy. For instance, Ninja acquired the skill of a five holes vertical bamboo flute, chanting a Buddhist sutra and magic to pretend not to look like spies. In some cases, Ninjas bent over backwards to learning dialects according to the area of opponents.

Ninjas seemed making efforts not to be revealed their identity by foes.


Kunoichi(female Ninjas) also treated Kimono with different style

Ninja is not only for men.  Truly female Ninjas called Kunoichi have been existed. One of the most famous Kunoichi named Chiyome Mochizuki has commanded a group of the undercover agent. And she constrained the women members to train for pretending to be a shrine maiden with white apparel that is kind of a Kimono of a shrine maiden.


White apparel were so privileged and has three implicit assumptions:

「Do not cast」

「Do not put anywhere (Fold politely after taking off as soon as possible)」

「Do not stride over」

People are often taught that we should treat white apparel as same as bills.

Incidentally, the word, Kunoichi was derived from the latter「女」which means female in Japanese. If you see Kunoichi separately in Japanese latter, it becomes「く(ku)」「ノ(no)」「一(ichi)」. Then if you combine the shape of these latters into one Chinese character, it becomes 「女」. This is why, people call female Ninja “Kunoichi”.


Ninjutsu always aims at peaceful solutions with foes

The skills of stealth and secrecy practiced by Ninja called “Ninjutsu” are based on thoughts that “ how are we able to solve and reconcile the problems, conflicts and battles? ” and “ how could we survive in any cases with less attacks”.

Although it is certainly true that there were some missions in terms of subversive activities, mainly Ninjas’ missions were information gathering. By using information they had obtained, Ninjas negotiated issues with foes without fights or conflicts.

To carry a lot of information back to an ally properly, Ninjas had to know how to survive well in the middle way to their encampment.

The fact that Ninja occasionally utilized hidden Kanzashi in their hair as a weapon in a pinch would have its roots in that how we can change the role of commodities into tools to survive.