The charm of wa rosoku (Japanese candles) different from Western candles

Do you know what wa rosoku is? And have you ever seen it before? Wa rosoku is a Japanese traditional candle made of plant-based wax. Unlike reasonable and familiar Western candles, wa rosoku has an atmosphere unique to Japan. This time, we introduce the charm of wa rosoku.        

The difference between wa rosoku and Western candles

    One of wa rosoku’s unique characteristics is its “wick” where one lights with fire. The wick of Western candles is made of cotton yarn, but the wick of wa rosoku is a bulrush core with washi (Japanese paper) wrapped around it.            

Wa rosoku is plant-based and produces less soot

Another feature of wa rosoku is the fact that it is made from 100% plant-based ingredients. That is why it produces less soot, and when it burns, one can smell the faint scent of melting wax. When it is lit up, wax becomes liquid, but the liquid is absorbed by the wick and then evaporates, so there is almost no dripping of wax. Also, since it does not produce much soot, obutsudan (Buddhist altar located within a house) does not get stained. When it does, one can easily wipe it away to clean up.    

Big and flickering flame has an atmosphere unique to wa rosoku.

Flame of wa rosoku is so different from that of Western candles, you can tell them apart right away. Big and flickering flame is mystic and has a unique atmosphere; it almost makes one think that the flame itself has a will. The difference of flame comes from the structure of wa rosoku. Wa rosoku is hollow inside, and the air moves through a candle; its movement makes flame flicker.          

E rosoku (painted wa rosoku) also available to decorate and enjoy

 The intended usage of wa rosoku is different from that of Western candles too. Western candles are often used to provide light. On the other hand, wa rosoku is also used for offerings and gifts. E rosoku (painted wa rosoku) is one example. One does not light up an e rosoku, but gives e rosoku as offerings instead of flowers. The fact that you can put your thoughts in them is one of the charms of wa rosoku.