The correct and safe way to use warosoku

The correct and safe way to use warosoku

Warosoku uses fire, but it’s safe if you know the correct way to use it. Do learn the proper way to use warosoku to safely enjoy the charms of it.




What to do before lighting it up

There are various things to check before lighting up warosku. The most important point is a saucer and a candle stand. Prepare a saucer and a candle stand to match the hole at the bottom of warosoku, so it will not be overturned.

By using the noninflammable ones made of metal or ceramics, you can avoid a saucer or a candle stand catching fire from wax. Check there is nothing flammable around made of paper or cloth, and place the candle somewhere not reached by pets or children.  

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Important points on lighting up warosoku

The correct way to light up warosoku is to place fire close to the bottom of the candlewick. By doing that, wax around the candlewick melts slowly and it will be easier to light fire. If you try to put fire on the top of the candlewick, only the candlewick might be burned or it might take a long time for warosoku to light up. It is also important to remove dust or dirt on the top of warosoku, check that the candlewick is not buried in wax and light up, when re-lighting warosoku.




After using warosoku

After using warosoku, put out fire by means which do not involve water. If you use water, wax would be scatter and it could cause fire incidents which is very dangerous. After using warosoku, remove dust or dirt in melted wax, wash a saucer and a candle stand, and dry them well. When they are completely dry, we recommend putting them somewhere with low humidity.   

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