The size of sensu

Sensu (Japanese folding fan) is now one of the most popular souvenirs from Japan. But did you know that sensu comes in different sizes? Those who wish to purchase a sensu might be wondering what size it is available in, or which size is the best for you. In this article, we explain about the size of sensu. The purpose of a sensu and the suitable wearer changes according to its size. Please refer to the information below before purchasing a sensu.  

【The size of a sensu is measured in “sun/寸”】

Even in modern times, the size of a sensu is measured in “sun/寸”. In most cases, the size is also measured in cm (centimeters) to make it easier to understand. But knowing that the basic measurement of a sensu is conducted in sun would make it even more fun to choose one. 1 sun is about 3.03 cm. If it is 100 sun, it means it is about 303 cm.  

【The list of general sensu sizes】

Mini pocket-sized sensu (6 sun)

A 6 sun-sized sensu is smaller compared to a normal sensu. Thus, it is easier to carry around in a pocket and such. It might be the best size for children too.    

Standard-sized sensu for women (6.5 sun)

It is easy to use even for those with smaller hands. “Sensu for women” at a sensu shop usually refers to this size.    

The most popular and multipurpose unisex size (7 sun)

It is the size suited for everyone-men, women, adults and teenagers. This 7 sun-sized sensu is the most popular out of all sensu. It is a great sized sensu for many purposes; as a gift, for daily use, and for taking photos.    

Standard-sized sensu for men (7.5 sun)

When we say “sensu for men”, we generally refer to this 7.5 sun-sized sensu. It is slightly larger than the standard 7 sun size, and fits well-built men too. Bold patterns look great on this size. “Kouza sensu” used for rakugo is also in this size.    

The best sensu for festivals and dances (9 sun)

It is larger than sensu used in daily life, and looks great for festivals and dances. This is the traditional size for mai (dance) sensu. There is more space to decorate on the side of a sensu of this size; that is why it is often chosen as a kazari (decoration) sensu to attach to a gift or an anniversary souvenir.       The basic size of sensu for men is 7.5 sun, for women is 6.5 sun, and 7 sun is a unisex size. There are sensu in more sizes such as 5 sun. Sensu is one of the accessories which represent the Japanese culture. Do find one in a size which suits you☺   For those looking for a kazari sensu which gorgeously decorates the room (yes, kazari sensu is popular as an interior decoration); do choose one which is large and looks great!!   Folding fan purchase page from here