Warosoku’s light to make you relax

Warosoku’s light to make you relax


Warosoku’s light is great when you want to feel happiness or comfortable. Warosoku made of environment friendly 100% plant-based ingredients has longer burning time and is getting attention from home as well as abroad. Why not place the light of warosoku close to you when you want to relax, or when you want to spend a fun time with your loved ones?



The good effect of flame (not only the atmosphere!)

When lighting up warosoku, it creates a warm atmosphere and is great for interior decoration, too. But the good effect of warosoku doesn’t just end there.


The fluctuation power of warosoku’s flame

Flame of a candle fluctuating randomly has a rhythm of “f/1 fluctuation”, which can also be seen in natural phenomenon such as the sound of a stream or a gentle breeze. Human pulse also creates the same rhythm; for that, it is known as the rhythm to make living creatures comfortable.



Emitting negative ion

When in nature such as a forest, people relax and feel calm. It’s said that this is because negative ion exists there. Negative ion like this is also emitted from a tiny amount of water generated when warosoku burns. The amount of negative ion emitted is said to be about 20,000/㎤, which exceeds that emitted in a forest or a waterfall. This means that you can feel like you are taking a therapeutic walk in the forest while at home, if you light up warosoku.  



The aroma effect

Some warosoku does not have any aroma, and some does. When you want to feel motivated, or relaxed, or when you are stressed…you can choose the aroma according to your condition, which is one of the charms of warosoku.




The great way to use warosoku

Let’s take a look at the fantastic way to use warosoku.

At a living room where everyone gets together


At a dining room where your family joins for dinner everyday


On the balcony which is used as a place to relax at times


At the bedside to calmly end your day


In your private bathroom


At the entrance hall to welcome those who come home




In modern times with convenient lights everywhere, it might be quite hard to light up warosoku daily, to have a relaxed and healing time. But that is why we would like you to turn off the lights sometimes, and spend a relaxing time only with a subtle light of warosoku. By spending time just looking at flame of warosoku at the end of the day or even on weekend, you might be re-energized and ready for tomorrow or next week, and inspired. Do choose warosoku to spend a healing time with.