What is wa rosoku (Japanese candle)?

Have you ever heard of wa rosoku? Wa rosoku has been highly valued among priests of high virtue at famous shrines and temples, tea masters, intellectuals and artists, and these days, it is popular as a souvenir to bring back home from Japan, or a gift to bring from Japan to overseas, as well. Let’s take a look at the history and the characteristics of wa rosoku on this page.        

History and characteristics of wa rosoku

    The history of wa rosoku dates back to the Nara period. The technique of making candles was introduced from China; by using the technique, wa rosoku was created as a Japanese traditional craft. There are many unique details to wa rosoku which are unlike Western candles, such as ingredients and the shape of flame. Wax made of wax tree feels unique and is something you cannot experience with any other candles.        

Wa rosoku made of plant-based ingredients

      Wa rosoku is made of 100% plant-based ingredients. That is why it produces less soot, and environment-friendly; it does not stain walls and such when used indoors, and can be enjoyed as an interior decoration. The faint smell of melting wax is great, too. It will make you relax. At Japanese Kimono Online Shop, we sell candles made of 100% Japan wax and wa rousoku made of 100% plant-based wax which consists of palm wax and rice wax. Go to wa rousoku product page        

Charms of wa rosoku with history

    Wa rosoku is a Japanese traditional craft which has been inherited to this day. It is the crown of generations of artisans’ labors. You can see the thought-out technology even through the way it burns. Its flame flickers naturally to heal people and create a mysterious time. There is depth to wa rosoku which cannot be substituted by Western candles.